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Employees crave tasty, good-for-you, grab-and-go food that fuels them for the hours ahead and fits their busy schedule. You want your employees to be happy, healthy, and productive. CustomFresh micro market vending meet their needs—and yours—by providing nourishing, locally-sourced, fresh food and beverages available 24/7 in onsite kiosks. Winner winner, chicken dinner!


Unlike some micro market vending companies, we don’t sell products based on manufacturer incentives to push their high-calorie, nutrient-poor products. Instead, we believe your employees should have a say in what they can buy in their workplace to eat and drink. To keep our micro market kiosks stocked with the things your team craves, we’ll regularly survey your staff to find out what they like in their micro market kiosk and host fun product sampling events on-site. (Can you say healthy happy hour?) Of course, we’ll carry mainstream standbys, too. We’d never deny somebody their peanut M&Ms® and Mountain Dew®.

What kind of food does CustomFresh dish up?

  • Nourishing: Get tasty, nutritious food (think hearty grains, dark leafy greens, and healthy fats) for a quick healthy food snack, hearty lunch, or hold-me-over-till-dinner treat. In our micro market kiosks, you can choose from wholesome, better-for-you items that are low in salt and sugar and high in fiber and added vitamins. Also, check out our popular FitPick™I will get a list together options (smart choices with lower calories, fat, sugar, and sodium), such as organic dairy, snack bars, and salads.
  • Locally sourced: We tap into the abundance of fresh produce, local brands, and hand-crafted foods available right here in the Bay Area to deliver seasonal goodies from area farmers and made-with-care treats from local culinary artisans. From coffee to sandwiches to baked goods and more, we seek out the stuff your employees know and love (like Hint water and Philz coffee) and bring it right to your office.
  • Fresh: We deliver a fresh supply of healthy food options every week (or every day if you need it), keeping your micro market vending machine inventory stocked with team faves, like ready-to-eat sandwiches, salads, fruit, veggies, and dairy.
  • Diet-Sensitive: With different tastes, lifestyles, and health needs, a one-size-fits-all food market just won’t cut it. Need organic options for Manuel in marketing? Got it. Alicia in accounting is vegan? Check. Paul wants Paleo? No problem. CustomFresh micro market vending caters to any dietary need, including ketogenic, gluten-free, and more. Just ask and we’ll get right on it!


No need to brew a vat of forgettable coffee just to end up dumping cold leftovers down the drain. Whether you’re looking for an espresso drink, iced tea, or hot cup o’ joe, CustomFresh micro market kiosks coffee service brews up fresh favorites all day.

We’ll stock your beverage center with high-quality coffee machines, from bean-to-cup and espresso tech to pod systems. We provide and maintain the equipment, giving employees the gourmet flavors they want without the waste.

Java lover? We stock Starbucks, Philz, Peets, Green Mountain, Seattle’s Best, Wolfgang Puck, First Café, and more. Tea aficionado? Steep a cup of Bigelow, Traditional Medicinals, or Twinings.

Plus, we add a filter to all our machines, purifying the water to ensure coffees and teas taste great with every brew. We’ll keep the entire coffee service running smoothly by ensuring you never run out of coffees, teas, creamers, sweeteners, cups, straws–whatever your employees need.


We put the “custom” in our kiosks by designing each micro market vending machine tailored to your unique business needs, team preferences, space availability, and office ambience. You want a dining space you can be proud of, so we’ll work with you to make it your micro market. Think of us as a modern take on your village general store, but with better food and fewer off-color jokes. 

What kind of market can CustomFresh build for you?

  • FREE! Let’s be clear right out of the gate. This won’t cost you a penny. Seriously. We do all the heavy lifting and foot the bill for the custom-designed micro market vending machine, the set-up, the food, the delivery, and all the customer service on the back-end—literally, soup to nuts. Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?
  • Custom-designed: We want to do more than just provide a solution you’ll be proud to offer as an employee benefit. (Although we want that, too!) We want to create a home-away-from-home for your team—a desired destination for your staff to take a break, recharge, and connect with one another. We’ll collaborate with you to build high-quality custom fixtures to fit your space. Whether you’ve got a small spot in the corner or a dedicated break room, we’ll create a welcoming ambiance that meshes with your office décor and invites employees to fuel up and chill out.
  • Custom-branded: We want this to feel like your space, so we can incorporate your company branding throughout the design. We can wrap your micro market vending in hi-res graphics to showcase your brand identity, logo, and colors, making the space look like it’s been there all along. Of course, we can simply use our CustomFresh market identity, if you prefer. No pressure either way.
  • Convenient: With dozens of both traditional and healthy, fresh food options to choose from, our markets empower employees to get energized any time of the day (or night). Think about it. You’ll be able to serve up 24/7 employee-access to tasty, nourishing self-serve snacks, drinks, and meals, keeping your team onsite and productive. No need to make a Starbucks run when you’ve got our premium coffee service within arm’s reach.
  • Energy-Efficient: Because we value eco-friendly practices, we make sure our markets are good for your business and the environment. Our ENERGY STAR® certified coolers use advanced refrigeration technology, with automatic locks and LED lighting to keep products fresh and safe. They also keep your electric bills low: 40% lower than the coolers most vendors use. We make Mother Earth proud with our healthy vending machines.
Secure Payment Options

No need to hire a cashier—our convenient healthy vending machine options handle it all with a secure payment process. Self-serve means just that: choose your food and beverage options, pay quickly and easily. Employees can simply use our self-checkout kiosk or scan items with their mobile phone. Payment is always quick, simple, and secure. It’s a no-brainer. What level of security and payment options can CustomFresh promise?

  • Credit card: It’s as easy as whipping out your credit card to buy your lunch. Our micro market kiosks accept Visa and Mastercard for a speedy, safe way to grab lunch, pay, and bolt.
  • Mobile options: Even easier. No need to carry a wallet and fumble with cards while you’re juggling a salad and kombucha. Our healthy vending machines accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. Just scan and skedaddle.
  •  PCI-certified: With PCI-compliant credit transactions and 100% secure billing system, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your employees’ data is protected.
  • Loss prevention: We provide secure video monitoring with our healthy vending machines in the workplace to deter theft and loss, which usually hover around 2.5% (or lower) of total sales in micro markets. Guess what? We assume the risk of theft/loss, so there’s zero risk to your business. Sweet!
  • Incentive and loyalty programs: You decide what to offer your staff—from free, full pantry service to partial reimbursement for certain purchases. If you’d like, we can set up incentive programs to reward healthy eating. For instance, you might offer 50% off “healthy” food choices like fresh fruits and veggies or zero-calorie beverages. We can also set up a reward programs to encourage repeat onsite purchasing, regardless of what team members buy. (We don’t judge if your staff needs a mid-afternoon Snickers® pick-me-up.) For example, for every $100 spent, employees earn a free food/beverage item up to $5. Of course, we’ll customize everything to your needs and specs.
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