About Us

About Us (And You)

You want your employees to be happy, healthy, and productive. Besides hosting a staff appreciation lunch, you know that offering a permanent onsite food market can help make that happen. But you’ve got concerns. How often will the market be serviced? Will employees have a say in what products the market offers? How will market inventory be monitored? What about theft? And the biggie…how much will this cost?

At CustomFresh, we’ve got you covered on all counts.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. Yep, the money question. Rest assured, we’ll customize, install, and maintain a CustomFresh market onsite, and it won’t cost your company a penny. Nada. Zip. We believe you should be able to provide your team with both healthy and traditional snacks through a trusted food vendor with no cost to you. That’s our philosophy in a nutshell.

And if you’re worried how much products will cost your staff…well, that’s entirely up to you. Product pricing is on par with local convenience stores, so your team can grab a meal, snack, or beverage without breaking the bank. You can decide whether you want to foot the entire food bill and provide this as an employee benefit or let staff solely pay for their own refreshments. Or maybe you want a happy medium—offering an employee discount for everything or only certain items, such as healthy food choices. Totally your call. We’ll work with you to find the best solution.

What we’re trying to say is, we get you. We understand your concerns about costs, security, payment processing, product choices, and the whole shebang. In fact, we created an FAQ page for exactly that reason. Jump over for a quick scan after you finish reading more about us, why we launched CustomFresh, and our values.

Now, a Little More About Us

We’re a group of wellness and food service professionals with a big idea: to bring fresh, whole foods to people right where they work.

Collectively, we’ve spent hundreds of years in the food, health and wellness industries and have seen first-hand the power of healthful eating: Happier, more productive people with higher immunity. We’ve set out to create a new channel for delivering fresh, nutritionally whole foods to people where they spend most of their waking hours—the workplace.

The Why Behind CustomFresh

Ready for a quick story? When we worked for other companies, we got really frustrated with the lack of access to good, healthy food in our workplaces. No matter where we worked or how big or small the company, we faced the same problem—we had to eat nutritionally void food onsite, go offsite, or brown bag it. We did all three.

We knew eating a steady diet of soda and potato chips would tank our health (and our energy), but we didn’t always have time to go offsite in search of something better.

Occasionally, we’d go out to lunch. But battling lunch-hour traffic and restaurant crowds took way too much time out of our workday. Plus, it quickly drained our wallets.

When we had time, we’d pack a healthy lunch from home. But let’s face it—sometimes you just don’t remember (or have the time) to plan out a workday meal at 6 a.m. It felt like a lose-lose lunch most days. Sound familiar?

Foodies and health nuts at heart, we talked to a few colleagues about our workplace eating options. To no one’s surprise, we all faced the same frustration—eating tasty, nutritious food at work shouldn’t be this hard.

We always loved Whole Foods and wanted to bring that type of pamper-me shopping experience to the workplace. We banded together and decided to be a disruptor in workplace dining by offering fresh, good-for-you-food to businesses. Think of us as the Whole Foods of micro markets.

We didn’t invent the micro market. We’re just taking it to a new level. By combining the technology developed for in-office micro markets with a commitment to whole, delicious food, we’re about to transform the way people eat at work.

Focus on the Customer as our Top Priority

We will work tirelessly to uncover or anticipate our customers’ needs and strive to meet or exceed them. Every. Single. Time. From there, the rest will follow.

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

We create sustainable, practical solutions for people seeking healthier food, to help them live well and feel balance at home and work. Because healthier living leads to happier people.

Serve our Community

We’re committed to giving back, by participating in our communities as a business and as individuals. We live and work here, so it’s both our responsibility and our joy to lend a helping hand.


We promise to stay curious, harnessing the latest technology to deliver simple, user-friendly solutions to complex problems. We live at the forefront of what is possible, combining best practices and technology, to meet consumers where they are and get them where they’re going.

Create a Fun Work Environment

We’re serious about hard work, but we know how to have fun at the same time. We want our micro market to do the same for your workplace by carving out a little space for your team to refuel, connect, and unwind.

Work with Passion. All-in.

Our work is more than an occupation—it’s a chance to bring our passions and ideas to life. What better way to spend the day than working toward something that fills your heart, feeds your soul, and positively impacts others. It’s a little slice of heaven every day.


Even as we grow, we promise to keep an open mindset, and welcome diverse ideas and perspectives. Truly, we don’t want our success to blind us from the great input we get every day from employees, customers, prospects, family, and friends.