Frequently Asked Questions

Theft is so rare – generally less than 2% of all sales. We expect a small amount of loss, but in general, people are either too honest or too aware of our security cameras to do much damage. And of course we absorb the loss; it’s not on you at all.

Yes. All of our payment options are PCI-compliant and kept encrypted on secure servers. In fact, everything about  CustomFresh markets has been designed with security in mind from the ground, up. Because paying for something electronically is supposed to feel seamless and secure; not like a game of chance in a dark alley. Read more about our commitment to security here.

Nada. Well, almost nada. You may notice a nominal uptick in electricity, and you’ll need to install a dedicated internet connection. But you don’t pay any fees to host a CustomFresh market onsite. We pay for the equipment, including customization and installation, and we assume all associated costs. 

Yes! Please do! We want you to be able to walk down the hall and grab your favorite sandwich. Your colleague should have access to her favorite brand of chocolate milk. Not only can people request specific foods and beverages, we’ll routinely survey you for suggestions, and make sure we get your feedback on new products. 

There are so many options! Employees can pay using either their mobile phone or the self-check-out kiosk, using credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Some companies like to create accounts for employees, which they can access with a code or even a thumb scan. This opens up the option for adding to their balances or simply subsidizing certain purchases. 

We’ll be in several times a week to service your market, or daily if that’s what’s needed. Not to freak you out, but we’ll be monitoring stock levels electronically just to make sure you don’t run out of anything (we promise not to tease you about the vast amounts of Hot Cheetos® you all consume). And of course you can email or call us at any time.

Fill out this secure form or give us a call. We’ll set up a brief over-the-phone consultation to learn more about what you have in mind, then head out to your office to see what we’re working with. From there we’ll send you a contract. It’s just one month from signed contract to operational market – and all at no cost to you!