5 Food-Centric Employee Appreciation Ideas in the Workplace

5 Food-Centric Employee Appreciation Ideas in the Workplace

Are you wondering how to show your employees you appreciate them? Sure you are, because you’re smart, and you know that people want to feel valued at work. According to a recent study written up by Forbes, “66% of employees would leave their jobs if they didn’t feel appreciated” Narrow the focus down to millennials, and that number jumps to 77%.

It makes sense. We want to feel like the work we pour our hearts into day after day has meaning. And, being social creatures, we need that meaning to be recognized and validated by others.

But finding the time for team appreciation can be challenging. You have other work to do, fires to put out, cats to herd, clichés to groan at. So what to do? You could do a Google search for easy employee appreciation ideas, but honestly that’s a wormhole of cheesy motivational posters and awards banquets we just don’t recommend.

The Quickest Way to Your Employee’s Hearts is Through Their Stomachs

Here’s what you do: Ply them with delicious food.

Time after time when employees are polled, they say that free food – including free lunch – is one of the best ways to reward them.

These easy, food-centric employee appreciation ideas will soon have them eating out of your hand (not literally). (unless you’re into that). And, coincidentally, CustomFresh can help you with every one of these. Just give us a call or click the contact us button at any point, and we’ll take care of appreciating your employees for you. It’s okay – you’ll still get all the credit, we promise.

1. 24-Hour Micro Market

Say you’re entertaining two job offers. Similar pay, similar health benefits, both roughly
equidistant from your place… But one employer offers a sweet snack/lunch area where you
could – any time you wanted to – grab a yogurt or some fancy chocolate, or a fresh cup of your
favorite coffee, or even a complete lunch with a delicious whole-grained sandwich. Well, which
would you choose? Nine times out of ten, people are going to choose the place with the awesome
micro market kiosk, simply because it’s cool. That’s right, even if they never even use the
thing themselves, having micro market vending solutions onsite will make a difference. It just
feels kind of fancy, and confirms that yes – they work for a cool employer. They have arrived.

And, as a bonus, providing snacks and meals onsite can help your employees fuel up and stay
productive, without having to leave the office. Win-win.

2. Host an Employee Appreciation Lunch

Saying thanks with a catered lunch is one of the top ways employees say they like to be
thanked, and it’s easy to pull off with in-office delivery. A staff appreciation lunch also provides
your team with unstructured time so they can relax and connect, so you’re team-building as
well as showing support. Man, are you smart or what? Multitasking has never been so easy, or
so rewarding.

Make your appreciation lunch silly, with Dundie-inspired personalized awards, or some kind of
kitschy theme. Or just keep it simple.

3. Spike the Coffee

Just kidding. Don’t do this.

4. Humpday Brunchday

Why make your employees wait for the weekend to enjoy a brunch buffet? Go on and say,
“treat yo self” every Wednesday with a catered brunch full of fresh, locally-sourced pastries and
fruits, coffee, bagels and lox… whatever their hearts desire. Again, these things are relatively
inexpensive and can be scheduled in advance, so you don’t have to think about it but the one
time you set it up. Your employees will feel fancy and spoiled, and you’ll feel like a genius.
Bottomless mimosas optional.

5. Ask Your Team!

Don’t take our word for it. Ask your employees what would make them feel valued. Everyone
has their own love language, and part of showing appreciation is taking the time to learn what
the people on your team need or want to feel appreciated. And, ahem, coincidentally, this is yet
another service offered by CustomFresh (assuming your employees like food). We can work
with you to create an easy, quick survey so you can narrow in on what your team members
actually want, and customize your employee appreciation efforts accordingly.

Whether you’re looking to set up a weekly food event, get a micro market, or just get more
ideas for appreciation in the workplace, we can help.

Get started with a free CustomFresh consultation.