San Francisco Lunch Catering

San Francisco Lunch Catering

Living and working in the San Francisco area delivers both its charms (beautiful landscape, trendsetting cultural scene, Victorian architecture) and curses (fog, sky-high prices, and So. Many. Hills.). It’s also home to some amazing and quirky neighborhoods, from the Presidio’s grassy hills to the Embarcadero’s lively piers to the Mission District’s historic, mural-covered neighborhood. And San Franciscans march to the beat of their own drum, too, from the bohemian lifestyle to the techy haven of Silicon Valley. 

One thing that locals share in common? Figuring out quick, healthy lunch catering options in their San Francisco workplaces. The spotty Muni/BART transportation system, tourist-filled lunchtime crowds, bumper-to-bumper traffic, and parking hassles all make a compelling argument for just staying in at work for lunch. (Hailing a cab during mid-day? Don’t even think about it.)

But does that mean you’re stuck brown-bagging it every day, schlepping in leftovers from home? Not if you’ve got a convenient business lunch delivery option in San Francisco. 

Enter, CustomFresh.

We can set you up with a sweet snack/lunch area that takes the hassle out of workday hunger and provides the San Francisco lunch catering solution you’re looking for.

Imagine a workplace where your team stays onsite all day because they can access their favorite stuff 24/7 to fuel them up from start to finish. On the way into their cubicle first thing in the morning, they grab a fresh cup of Philz coffee, followed by a 10 a.m. yogurt break to hold them over until lunch. Noon rolls around and instead of everyone heading out the door in droves trying to scramble to the Inner Richmond for a rushed lunch, they pop into your onsite micro market for mixed-greens salad, quinoa bowls, and whole-grain veggie wraps. To stave off those mid-afternoon hunger pangs, they walk a few feet to your well-stocked healthy vending machines to grab a Kind Bar and a guava Fresca. This is what San Francisco office lunch delivery looks like when you pair up with CustomFresh.

Five reasons to consider office catering if you’re based in San Francisco:
  1. Health-focused benefits are the norm. Living in such a tree-hugging, granola-munching part of the country means local tech firms, start-ups, and corporate giants are all fighting the “battle of the benefits” to attract and keep top talent. These days, common benefits packages of San Francisco companies include health-focused perks like onsite office catering, yoga classes, massage therapy, life coaching, stress management workshops, health clinics, and acupuncture sessions. So, if employees need to head offsite for lunch, yoga, or a flu shot, you might be losing talent to other local companies that do offer these onsite perks.
  2. Employees want a cool corporate culture. Tap into the laid-back, hipster vibe of San Francisco to create a corporate culture where every day feels like casual Friday. From dog-friendly offices to creative spaces brimming with toys and ping-pong tables, San Francisco companies do their best to create that “I-can’t-wait-to-go-to-work” environment. Throw in a company-provided weekly lunch plan into the mix and you’ve literally got a recipe for success.
  3. Food connects people. Whether you’re enjoying a Thanksgiving meal at home with your family, catching up with a friend over coffee, or sharing a lunch with your “D team at work, food brings people together. Why not foster that opportunity to connect in your workplace by giving your team a reason—and a place—to gather? As one of several San Francisco catering companies, CustomFresh serves up what the others don’t—a popular mix of both healthy and traditional snack, beverage, and lunch options, locally-sourced and employee-approved in a cool space designed to foster a sense of community.
  4. Onsite access to food makes employees feel valued. As we pointed out in our blog post Five Food-Centric Ways to Show Employees You Care, the quickest way to your employees’ hearts is through their stomachs. You might simply be looking after your team’s health and wellness. Or perhaps you want to say thanks for a great job with a catered staff lunch. Maybe you just want to rev up your team’s morning with fresh-brewed java. No matter the reason, it’s easy to pull off with corporate lunch catering in your San Francisco digs.
  5. A micro market promotes self-care. If you want your employees to bring their A game, you’ve got to do your part to ensure they’re eating healthy, exercising, managing their stress, not smoking, and striving for work-life balance. Your employee benefits and HR policies can tackle most of this, including the provision of lunch catering in your San Francisco workplace. And don’t think you have to be a tech giant with a big budget to foster self-care at work. It can be as simple as encouraging on-the-job meditation breaks, leading a post-lunch walk around the block, or installing a CustomFresh micro market stocked with healthy choices—at absolutely no cost to you.

Are you ready to make eating well easy for your team? Call 800-698-3552 today for a free CustomFresh consultation!