Clean food is clean fuel. It can help your staff focus better in the office, then leave with enough energy to do the things that make them happy and well-rounded people. The kind of people you’d like to come to work with every day.

we're experts in this, so you don't have to be

Are your wellness goals ambitious? Good. We can do this. When it comes to setting up your CustomFresh market metrics, get as specific as you want: set goals, chart food purchases, incentivize healthy choices, and more. Then we provide you with reports when you need them. Advice, too. As much as you want. Like, we’ll literally come to all your wellness meetings and lead you through it. This stuff is our jam.¬†

Get CustomFresh, and advance your wellness initiative

Most micro markets follow mainstream food service practices, stocking and giving priority placement to the foods and beverages they’re paid to promote (by their vendors, not their customers). These are high profit-margin foods: ¬†generally high in sugar and low in nutrients.

43% of our calories are consumed outside the home, usually at work.

Workplace nutrition programs have been shown to improve productivity by 2% or more.

CustomFresh doesn’t play that game. Our priority is the health of your employees, and all our market decisions are driven from there.

We stock, and give priority placement, to energy-giving foods and beverages that will help keep your employees healthy and happy. Because they deserve it.

And you deserve a micro market that will help you achieve your wellness goals, however lofty those goals may be.